Our Approach to Storytelling

Storytelling. The most universal form of engaging communication. Chochma Arts strives to bring all forms of narrative to our audience, and in particular those that we are most skilled and equipped to deliver.

Have you ever read a book and had one scene that stuck with you for years after? Have you ever watched a film, or listened to a song, that stuck with you forever?

This is one element of what we strive for, but it isn’t the only one. No, one cannot usually force such resonance onto a receiver.

But there is something more concrete that we can strive towards. Art with good, useful information, as well as intense, powerful experiences. And on this end, we actually have science on our side.

You see, there is a little know quirk in the human psyche, one that business, from advertisers to filmmakers take full advantage of. And that is that the mind has a blind spot.

Our emotional and instinctual core has great difficulty telling the difference between an exprience we are physically engaged in, and one that we are simply taking in for pleasure.

Have you ever listened to a good song from when you were young and felt chills of enjoyment? Have you watched your favourite film and gotten goosebumps at that amazing scene near the end?

Or maybe you read a book, or even played a well-crafted sequence in a video game, and felt fully engaged, fully alive, with your heart pumping and then—there’s a knock at the door and you’re painfully wrenched out of the ephemeral moment of glory.

These are the sorts of experiences we’re driving for.

And it will be through building on this sort of excitement and engagement, and fortifying it with ideas, concepts, and practical, real concepts, that we hope to explore a sense of meaning with our audience. So let’s take this journey together, and see where it takes us, and what we can accomplish.

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We are set to launch this series of projects from 2024-2025.

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