The Solune Explorer

What does it mean to leave your hometown? How about leaving your whole world? The Solune Kingdom was for many centuries a land barred from the outside world, isolated and walled off both to those thing, and from those outside. Now it is open.

Citizens have heard tell of a caravan leaving the city and heading west to distant lands—the most distant of all lands. A newfound continent with a long lost civilization. It is as if Atlantis itself was found, and not in ruins, but inhabited with Atlantians.

Who will take the call and join them on this journey, to explore distant lands and form new relationships, have new adventures, and find themselves and their purpose on an adventure?

Look forward to The Solune Explorer, anticipated release schedule: Early 2024.

A game is perhaps the most interactive of all forms of storytelling mediums. The video game is then the most interactive way to receive storytelling for an individual person.